The reading and acceptance of Calomel's privacy policy is a necessary condition for the use of the services of the website. The user must carefully read this privacy policy before starting to use the website and provide any personal information. It will help you make informed decisions. If you use the site www.calomel.tienda, you agree to Calomel's use of your personal information and data in accordance with this privacy policy. If you do not agree with it, you should refrain from using the website. Calomel reserves the right to change this policy without notice.

    For any questions about our privacy, please contact us at hola@calomel.shop.


    This Privacy Policy is intended to inform the User about the way in which his Personal Information is treated. Calomel reserves the right to make changes to these policies in order to give better treatment to Personal Information. The Website collects the information that the User enters referring to his identity for the purposes of operating in the same. The data required from the Users are for the purpose of verifying not only their identity, but also to access certain and specific functions that make the Website operative. All data collected in this way are strictly private and will not be available in a public way or for general knowledge.

    The Personal Information is collected and stored in the cases in which it has been provided by the User, or if it has been obtained from sources of unrestricted public access, and the user consents that his/her

    Personal Information be treated in the manner explained in this document.


    Protecting your privacy is our main objective, therefore your Personal Information is password protected. We have taken all the measures within our technological and economic reach in order to ensure both your privacy and ours. All information collected is duly encrypted, except for the information you may have sent us via email, in order to ensure that the transactions that are made have adequate protection and privacy.
    In cases where it is deemed appropriate, and to provide even greater security, we may use the Secured Socket Layer (SSL) security protocol to transfer data from the browser to the server.

    Calomel through its Website, ensures security and confidentiality in all communications with its customers. All on-line payment transactions are made through a secure server, based on the SSL standard and operated by companies dedicated exclusively to this activity, which protects the data against attempts of violation by third parties. The data of the purchase process are stored by the companies involved in the transaction, without Calomel assume any responsibility in this regard to the user.